TradeBuild 2.5

TradeBuild is set of infrastructure components that enable developers to easily
produce both automated and manual trading programs. 

The TradeBuild download contains the following:

  • a readme.txt file that contains important information about TradeBuild, including details of changes from the previous version
  • the TradeBuild components (compiled dlls)
  • the TradeSkil Demo Edition sample trading client program, which demonstrates TradeBuild's capabilities (the source code for this program is also included)
  • a setup program to install TradeBuild and TradeSkil (this is a Windows Installer file, ie it has a .msi extension)
  • documentation for the TradeBuild components (not currently available)
  • sample tick files to demonstrate TradeBuild's replay capabilities (tick files have .tck file extension)

There are several programs that have been built using the TradeBuild infrastructure that will be made available at a future date. These include:

  • a data collection program that captures and stores historical tick and bar data
  • a strategy hosting program that provides an environment for testing and live running automated trading systems
  • a tickfile manager program that enables tick data to be converted between the various formats supported by TradeBuild

To download TradeBuild, click here (download size 5.99 Mbytes).

NB: the current download does not include documentation for TradeBuild.


This version of TradeBuild is version, released on 13 April 2007


If you already have a version of TradeBuild 2.5 installed on your PC, you should uninstall it using the Control Panel's Add or Remove Programs applet before installing this  version. 

If the currently installed version is earlier than 2.5, you can run it alongside any 2.5 version. To uninstall version earlier than 2.5, look for TradeSkil Demo Edition in the list of installed programs (in those versions, the TradeBuild infrastructure does not appear as a separate item, but will be uninstalled along with TradeSkil).

When the download is complete, extract the contents of the file to a convenient location.

Then run the TradeBuild25.msi file, which will guide you through the installation process. If setup notifies you that a later version of one or more of the files is already on your computer, choose to keep the later version.

The folder into which you extracted the contents of the zip file contains two subfolders:

  • TradeSkil Demo contains the source code for the TradeSkil demo program. You can load up this VB project into Visual Studio 6 if you want to discover how it works or to modify it for your own purposes
  • Tickfiles contains sample tickfiles


If you have problems with TradeBuild, email me at I'll do my best to respond quickly and helpfully. 

Please note however that TradeBuild is not supported on Windows 98 or any earlier Windows version.

Terms and Conditions

You can use TradeBuild to develop and test a trading program free of charge. Testing includes up to 20 live trades.

You can use a program that incorporates a free copy of TradeBuild free of charge for live trading, but only for trading your own account.

You may not charge third parties for use of a program that incorporates a free copy of TradeBuild.

A program containing a free copy of TradeBuild that you give to a third party can be used free of charge by them for live trading, but only to trade their own account.

Any other use of TradeBuild requires a paid licence. Contact for further details.